James Gandolfini’s Last Film to Promote Pit Bull Rescue


James Gandolfini’s family, friends, and fans were jolted on Wednesday with news of the actor’s sudden, tragic passing from a heart attack at the young age of 51.

The beloved actor had a soft-spot for dogs, especially Pit Bulls. His final film, now in postproduction, is fittingly called Animal Rescue. The crime drama from Fox Searchlight studios is a story centered around the rescue of a pit bull.


James Gandolfini was an animal lover and rescuer, shown here with his dog, Duke. Photo courtesy of Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Last Chance Animal Rescue expressed their condolences along with a photo of Gandolfini with his rescued dog, Duke, while hopeful that the actor’s last film will bring attention to the plight of the pit bull, the ignorance of breed specific legislation, and will show naysayers how wonderfully loving and gentle the breed truly is.

We are very saddened to hear of the sudden passing of James Gandolfini, pictured here with his rescue Duke. A great actor and wonderful advocate for an often misunderstood breed. His final film will be Fox Searchlight’s crime drama “Animal Rescue” which includes a pit bull as a focal point in the story. Much beloved by those who worked with him and known to be a kind and gentle soul, we applaud his efforts to provide a voice for the voiceless and our prayers are with his wife and children, his family and friends as they mourn the loss of a life too short lived.

Animal Rescue will also mark the screenwriting debut of one Dennis Lehane, a fellow animal lover and the author of Mystic River and Shutter Island. Lehane recently made headlines when his Beagle, Tessa, disappeared from his Boston home on Christmas of last year. Tessa has still not been found.

It was a devastating blow to Hollywood and a beautiful career cut short, but Gandolfini’s contributions to the animal world may now become one of his legacies.

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